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Niftyz Send

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Magically turn your inbox into a minting platform.
Send tokenized emails to both email and wallet addresses.

Use cases

  • Service of proceedings
  • Legal and financial document notarization
  • Trademark infringement
  • Audit Trail for Legal Proceedings
  • Blockchain-Powered Insurance Claims Processing

How it works?

Why you should start with send.

  • Niftyz Send simplifies the onboarding journey to Web3 for individuals and businesses alike.
  • Niftyz Send leverages the familiarity of email communication to introduce users to the world of NFTs.
  • Through Niftyz Send, you can effortlessly transform your emails into unique and traceable digital communications and attach any type of content to it, as if you were sending a standard email.
  • Receiving e-mails is completely free while creating e-mails requires an active subscription plan.

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