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Niftyz Send

The future of secure, traceable, and transparent email communications.

Web3 Starts with Your Inbox:

How it works?

Niftyz Send simplifies the onboarding journey to Web3 for individuals and businesses alike.

Designed as an innovative plugin to Niftyz, SendMint leverages the familiarity of email communication to introduce users to the world of NFTs.

Through SendMint, you can effortlessly transform your emails into unique and traceable digital tokens and attach any type of content to it, as if you were sending a standard email.

Attention please: Receive e-mails is completely free while creating e-mails requires an active subscription plan.
We offer 15 days free trial for all users, try it now for free.

Create your @sendmint email for free and link it to your existing email to start receive e-mails directly on your inbox.

Send emails directly from your standard inbox to other emails or wallet addresses and include any attachments.

Send emails through your email address and keep a footprint of your communication on-chain.

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